Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day One: About the Author

Today I found a really great blogging challenge for September called Blogtember! Even though it's already September 3rd, I'm starting a little late and will try my best to catch up. I just didn't want to miss out on this great challenge and the opportunity to blog more! I may not do every post, but I will certainly try. I encourage you to join along!

Julie Austine Dayton was born and raised in a small town in Long Island, NY before moving to Richmond, VA. After making several life long friends and a few years of college under her belt, she married her husband and favorite soldier, Zach, and moved with him to Colorado Springs, CO. She is currently a student working on her Veterinary Technician degree and has two fur babies of her own. She loves God, the ocean, the south, and hot air balloons. She is passionate about growing as a wife, anything artistic, adventures in new cities, and making her house a home. 

I'm super excited to continue on with this challenge and hope that you join me!

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