Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day Six: Currently

...reading At first Sight by Nicholas Sparks, and working through Devotions for Couples with Zach.
...watching Broncos vs. Colts. I've never been a big football fan, but living in CO has made me one!

...trying to get the motivation to study for my finals this week. 

...eating homemade cupcakes (see above :P)
...pinning fall recipes, fall fashion, and home decor. 

...tweeting I don't tweet very often, I usually just retweet funny things and cute animals.

...loving being only 2 days away from my break from school.

...discovering that decorating my home is taking a lot longer than I hoped and thought.

...enjoying having Zach home and not in training for the whole month like he was supposed to be! :)

...feeling happy that Zach's parents are planning on visiting next month.

...hoping for a 4.0 again this quarter.

...thanking Brave Love for this September Challenge, it's fun!

Brave Love Blog

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  1. Those homemade cupcakes look pretty fantastic, but I imagine they are all gone by now, aren't they? :)