Monday, June 23, 2014

Yellowstone National Park!

This past weekend I went camping with a couple of friends in Yellowstone National Park! Being in Colorado, the park is only about 8 hours away. Yellowstone was absolutely beautiful!! It was one amazing scenic view after another. The most exciting part was seeing all of the wildlife! The only animal we didn't see that we really wanted to was a moose, but apparently they all hang out in Grand Tetons National Park, which is just south of Yellowstone. So maybe we'll head there for our next trip ;)
This was the first time I've been real camping. And even this wasn't REAL camping, because there were bathrooms haha. But we pitched a tent, slept cuddled in sleeping bags, made breakfast and dinner over a fire, and then spent the day traveling/hiking around. It was such an awesome trip!!

Our tent! We were proud.

Hamburgers for night one.

Yellowstone Lake

Hot Springs

Old Faithful!

Anny was dying to see a buffalo and we ended up seeing TONS.

Sausage and rice for the second night.


Lillypad Lake

Male Elk

More Elk. I love their butts :P

Hummingbird Eggs

Black bear mama and 3 cubs! (Bear photos taken from my friend, Allison)

The rangers had the road blocked until they finally crossed. SO CUTE!

More buffalo!

Alfredo for our last night.

We saw a grizzly bear on our way out of the park Sunday morning!

And also Bighorn Sheep!


  1. Awesome photos of the geysers, waterfall, and wildlife! Looks like you all had a great time!