Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lord, Teach Me to Pray

This past weekend I got my new study, Lord, Teach Me to Pray. I saw the study over at Bloom and knew that I needed to read this one! I pray often, but in all honesty there are plenty of days that I "forget" or "don't think about it." This study is really helping me realize that the relationship between me and God is ALL about communication, ahem.. PRAYER. It's helping me realize that communication with God should be a number one priority, topping my current priorities like school or taking care of my family. I'm learning and digging deeper into the word already, and I'm only on day 3! So I highly suggest this book and hope that you can get a lot out of it as well!

I love how interactive this study is. Kay tells us about the ways she marks scripture in her bible to help her study it. Such as different ways for marking prayer, The Word, and more. She tells us to underline key words in certain verses to really understand them better, and it helps! She guides you through certain verses, and then asks questions in the book regarding what you read in order for you to understand and dig deeper into the word. 

I ordered this book for only $10 on amazon, so I hope that you will buy a copy as well and start learning the importance and power of prayer! 

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