Sunday, June 1, 2014

June goals

It's June! Can you believe it? I can't! I've been in Colorado for 5 months now. It's finally gone from freezing temperatures and brown trees/grass to an amazing 80 degrees (without humidity or mosquitos!) and bright green trees everywhere. I know this month is going to be so fun and full of adventures!

Looking back at my May goals I was pretty satisfied in everything I accomplished: 
1. Finish the office renovations. We finished the new shelves, but still have one more project in the making that we haven't finished just yet.. but SOON!
2. Complete the She Reads Truth Prayer in the Bible study. I'm ALMOST done with this. This study has really helped me be obedient in prayer and I've loved it! I'm already itching to do my next study, which I'll talk about in the June goals.

3. Start and stick to a running schedule. This didn't happen... I ran three times and then it snowed in the middle of May and I haven't been out running since! Going to add this again into my June goals.
4. Have a get together for Zach's birthday/Memorial day. This happened! We had delicious food, country music, and lots of friends over to hang out!
5. Have one weekend with JUST Zach. This happened a couple of times! And it was very refreshing and relaxing :)

Now for my June Goals

1. Begin Lord, Teach me to Pray. I saw a post about this study on Bloom and the study looks great! 
2. Finish my first quarter of school with a 4.0. Only one more week of classes!
3. Have an AMAZING time in Yellowstone National Park camping with a few friends! SO excited for this trip!
4. Do the incline. The incline is a crazy, intense staircase up a mountain that gives you an amazing workout. A lot of the military guys test themselves on this hike, so it's intense! It's closing for a little bit of construction in August, so I'd like to do it before then, and before it gets too hot.
5. Go to a farmer's market.
6. Start and STICK TO a running schedule! For real this time ;)

Those are my goals! Hoping to complete all of them this month!

What are your goals for this month?

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