Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th

Happy July!

I hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July!
We weren't planning on doing anything, but last minute we had a ton of people asking us if we were going to have people over. So we decided to have another big "potluck" BBQ. All I made were the cupcakes above, and everyone brought everything else; Burgers, buns, drinks, chips, s'mores, etc. A lot of Zach's friends live in the barracks, so they don't have a good place to hang out, and they look forward to coming over to our house.. how could we say no? Zach grilled the food, we had the fire pit going, and our neighbors shot off an entire fireworks show! We also got some sparklers and other small fireworks to set off. My friend, Allison, was supposed to bring her camera to try out sparkler writing- but her battery was dead. So we turned to the iPhone! They didn't turn out great, but it was still fun trying! I love hosting parties and love that so many people find our house to be a nice refuge! There are many more BBQ's to come this summer!

Our country-boy, fellow Virginia friend, Cantwell, also taught me how to two-step! Looking forward to going to a country music club with Zach to practice these moves!

What did you do for the 4th?

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