Monday, August 5, 2013

God is really amazing me right now!

I don't want to go into too much detail, because some things should remain personal,
but God is working in my life right now in ways that I have never seen. 

While Zach has been in basic training I have been so persistent in prayer. Praying
over and over multiple times a day for myself, Zach, and our relationship. I am
absolutely overwhelmed by how much God is doing in our lives and in our
relationship right now. He is wiping out every single road block, stressor, or burden
that has ever been in our relationship and He is working so thoroughly in both of us. 
Zach and I are only able to communicate through letters right now, and it always takes
him much longer to receive mine that it does for me to receive his. And it's just
amazing to see how everything that has been on my heart, Zach has been praying for
before he ever knew it was on my heart. And how everything that has been on Zach's heart,
I have been praying for. It's like God is communicating to both of us about each other
without us even knowing it, and then in the letters we are able to see it. And on top of
that, every single prayer that the two of us have prayed has been answered. Immediately. 
Every single one. And there have been a lot!  I don't even have the words to describe how
much God is overwhelming us, growing us, teaching us, and working in us. 

Totally and completely amazed. 


  1. So very happy for you beautiful :) God is indeed so good! Love how He's showing you that in this particular season, that's so awesome <3

  2. It is always wonderful to see the way that God can work in our lives. : )