Saturday, May 11, 2013


After waiting for nearly two years, Zach
enlisted in the Army on Thursday.
His family and I went to Fort Lee
to watch him enlist, and it wasn't until
we got in the car to go home that it really sunk in.

I'm dating a soldier. 

So of course I started tearing up.
He doesn't leave for another two months
but I already know it's going to be hard.
We're so used to seeing and talking to each other
every single day, so months apart without hearing or seeing
each other is going to be awful.
But, I have no doubt that this is going to 
be good for the both of us.
I'm just grateful that God made him wait
so patiently for this time to come, because if
he enlisted two, or even one year ago, it wouldn't
of been the same. We needed those two years to
learn and grow and love.
And all of this time apart is
just going to be another growing experience.

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